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Year Round


We offer classes year round in handbuilding, wheel-throwing, casting and glazing, for people of all ages, from beginner to advanced. Our classes are taught by top practitioners, including our Resident Artists. We are an inclusive and vibrant community where people of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels can learn, connect, and create art side by side.



How to Register
COVID-19 safety protocols & Vaccine Mandate

Fall 2022 Community Safety Policies

Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required for all TCS employees, artists, students and contractors.

Those who are unable to receive the vaccine due to medical or religious reasons must submit a Vaccine Exemption Form, please email for the form.

Masks are recommended but not required in the school, and on the artist floor IF you are fully vaccinated (the initial vaccine dose(s) plus a booster.)

Any TCS employee, artist, student, and contractor that is unvaccinated and granted an exemption must wear an N95, and must submit COVID-19 test results to staff when requested (TCS will not reimburse for any PCR or Rapid Antigen testing expenses.)

As always, we will make adjustments as the data and government guidelines change. Everyone's safety is always our first priority. 


You can find more information about vaccine safety and CDC recommendations on the CDC website plus you can find vaccination sites and appointments near you.

Studio Capacity Though no longer required by the city, our enrollment is reduced by approximately 30% to enable social distancing.


About the new Facility
  • Beginning in Spring 2022, classes are located at our new facility at 1425 N. American St., Philadelphia, PA 19122. View directions and parking information here.
  • Our facility is accessible. 
  • The School fires the cone 6 gas kiln weekly (when gas kiln is operational) and also offers cone 6 and cone 03 electric firings.
  • All students have access to shared studio resources including extruders, a slab roller, slump molds, studio glazes, oxides, slips, and underglazes.
Tuition Assistance

In order for The Clay Studio to make our programs as accessible as possible, we offer tuition assistance each term so that everyone can join our clay community. Tuition assistance is available to anyone who needs it and no documentation is required however we do ask for some general income information to better understand applicants’ circumstances. Please fill out this simple google form. The Clay Studio does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Questions? Please see our tuition assistance policies below or contact

Tuition Assistance (TA) Policies

  • The Clay Studio (TCS) reserves the right to award Tuition Assistance at its discretion.
  • If you are applying for tuition assistance, you cannot enroll online. The Tuition Assistance application will be your registration form and a member of the TCS team will assist with your registration.
  • Tuition Assistance is limited to one class or camp per student per term. However, we request that you enter three choices for classes in case we cannot provide you with assistance for a particular class.
  • Tuition Assistance only covers class tuition. Applicants are expected to pay any related material, studio, or model fees. Discounted clay and limited shared tools are available to those receiving tuition assistance.
  • Classes and camps must still meet minimum enrollment levels to run. If the class or camp you want is not available, The Clay Studio staff may offer you the opportunity to enroll in a different course or future term.
  • If you are unable to take a class or camp that you received TA for, you must notify The Clay Studio no later than two weeks before the first class, failure to notify TCS may jeopardize eligibility for future TA.
  • First-time applicants for Tuition Assistance may receive priority.
What Your Tuition Includes

In addition to your class, tuition includes glazes, firings, and access to all open studio hours (open studio hours are subject to change). 

Open Studio Hours do not apply to Youth Class students.

Learn about our Sliding Scale Tuition policy!


Typcially classes are paid in full at the time of registration. Payment plans with a $100 deposit are an option. Please contact Nuokan Huang at or 215-925-3453 x 106.

Learn about our Sliding Scale Tuition policy!

Class Cancellation and Refund Policies

Youth & Adult Transfer & Cancellation Policy:

  • Missed classes are not refundable


  • No more than one transfer per quarter
  • Can only transfer between classes at the end of the business day after the 1st class, or by noon the following business day
  • If class being transferred into is more expensive, the student must pay the difference
  • If class being transferred into is less expensive, no credit or refund is given


  • Credits are not redeemable for cash
  • Credits are non-transferable to another student or family member
  • Credits are only good for one calendar year


If The Clay Studio cancels your Class or Workshop:

  • Option of non-transferable refund or credit for the class or workshop
  • No Cancellation Fee is assessed

If Student Drops a Class or Workshop:

  • Cancels 3 weeks before class; 100% refund or credit, minus $25 cancellation fee
  • Cancels 2 weeks before class; 75% refund or credit, minus $25 cancellation fee
  • Cancels 1 week before class; 50% credit,  minus $25 cancellation fee
  • Cancels during the first week of the term; no refund, no credit, can transfer one time with a $25 Transfer Fee (if space is available)


Only 1 discount type per registration
*Sorry, no retro-active discounts. Discounts may only be applied to registrations handled over the phone or in person.

For further questions, please contact Nuokan Huang at

Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policies
  • The Clay Studio is closely following current health concerns and recommendations from the CDC and WHO. We have increased our daily cleaning/disinfecting protocols, and we are keeping everyone’s health and safety as our top priority. If necessary we will be communicating with workshop students via email with updates. Our policy had been in place before the virus, and as a small nonprofit arts organization, we would appreciate everyone being flexible and continuing to work together with us. Our cancellation policy has also been updated to accommodate potential concerns:

  • Tuition Credits will be issued for workshop (including Date Night and Let’s Make)  cancellations.
  • Missed workshops are not refundable.

For further questions, please contact Nuokan Huang at


Shared Community Agreement & Code of Conduct

Core Diversity Values and Guidelines

The Clay Studio believes that a welcoming environment is critical to our Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion work. We do not tolerate anti-Blackness, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, colonialism, hatred, or any other forms of discrimination and oppression. This extends to artists, students, customers, employees, board members, volunteers, interns, and patrons. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnic identity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or religion. We are a safe place for citizens and non-citizens alike. We strive to accommodate those of any age and physical ability.

We hold ourselves and each member of our community accountable and expect everyone to embrace and uphold these values. We will act swiftly and respectfully to correct the behavior that goes against these core values. We do not tolerate hate speech, violence, or intimidation. We also acknowledge that microaggressions can occur in less intentional but equally harmful manifestations. Therefore, The Clay Studio is prepared to take corrective actions that will seek to make room for education and conflict resolution before becoming punitive. We come from a place of respect and kindness but are committed to our responsibility to uphold shared community values. The Clay Studio asks that each member of our community commit to our agreement to ensure that we intentionally acknowledge our individual roles in creating a welcoming environment for all. Details of expectations, reporting, and review process may be found in our Code of Conduct.

The Clay Studio Shared Community Agreement 

As a member of our community, you support our mission and values of access, community, inclusivity, and accountability. We agree: 

  • We all have a shared responsibility in creating the space, support, and inspiration necessary for expression and mastery in the ceramic arts.

  • We welcome each other with open hearts and share space so all can learn and thrive.

  • We respect others: including their work, perspectives, and diverse backgrounds.

  • Everyone has something to learn; everyone has something to teach.

  • To be present & gentle with ourselves: Embrace the time we have given ourselves to be in the studio and with others; practice makes progress, not perfection.

Tools and Materials

Clay must be purchased from The Clay Studio school store. Personal tools are not provided for 8 or 10 week classes. You may purchase the recommended tools from the school store. 

Wait List Procedure

If you would like to be added to the wait list for a workshop or class, you can either sign up one or both of the participants for the wait list online (for Date Nights we will assume you want two spaces even if you only put yourself on the list).

When we get a cancellation for a class or Date Night, we start by contacting the first person on the wait list and then contact people in order of when they were added to the wait list. We do get cancellations frequently, but we can’t guarantee that a space will open up.

For Date Nights, in order to guarantee yourself a spot, you can sign up for a wait listed workshop date and also sign up for spots in the next available Date Night. If you get a call from us that spots have opened up for the wait listed date that you wanted, we can switch your registration at no cost.

Publicity Policy

Unless informed otherwise, The Clay Studio will consider photographs taken of students in the school and of their artwork to be permissible for publication in Clay Studio publications in print and online. 

Important Dates

2022 Fall Term

Wednesday, Sep. 28th to Sunday, Dec. 11th (No classes Nov 23rd-27th)




Open Studio Hours
  • Monday: 10am–4pm  |  6:30pm–9:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am–4pm |  7pm–10pm
  • Wednesday: 10am–4pm  |  6:30pm–9:30pm
  • Thursday: 10am–4pm  |  7pm–10pm
  • Friday: 10am–4pm |  5pm–8pm
  • Saturday: 10am–4pm
  • Sunday: 10am–4pm

    Find details about the open studio schedule here.
  • All Open Studio Hours are subject to change based on workshops and special events*
  • Studios are closed for cleaning 4pm-6pm from Mon-Thu, if you'd like to work in those hours, please purchase "4-6pm" at the front desk.
School Store Hours

Times are subject to change

  • Monday: 10am -5pm, 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am -5pm, 7pm-8pm
  • Wednesday: 10am -5pm, 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Thursday: 10am -5pm, 7pm-8pm
  • Friday: 10am -5pm
  • Saturday: 10am -4pm 
  • Sunday: 10am -4pm 
Greenware Deadlines

Fall term 2022 Greenware Deadline: Tuesday, November 22 at 10pm

All work should be placed on the greenware carts.

This deadline is so your work can be fired by your last class for glazing. If you are returning for the next term, you can continue to work wet through the last day of the term.

Last Open Studio Date

Last Open Studio Day: Sunday, December 11 at 4pm

The school will be closed with no studio access after the last day of the term.

Gas Kiln Firing Schedule

If there is enough glazed work to fill the kiln, we fire the gas kiln weekly. For the current firing and unloading dates, please check the whiteboard in the glaze room. 

End-of-Term Pickup

Pick up dates for your final bisque and glaze ware will be determined at the end of the term and then specific dates and pick up times in December will be emailed out to students.

After the pick up dealine all work will be recycled, thrown away or it will be donated to the Annual Pottery Sale. 

Student Guide

Student Documents

Notices for students are sent via email. Please add to your contact and check your email regularly for important student information.

Bad Weather School Closings

 If the school is closed due to bad weather, The Clay Studio will post the information on our home page at

Open Studio Hours
  • Students may use The Clay Studio’s facility and equipment outside of class during posted open studio hours. See the Open Studio Schedule in Student Documents for details.
  • Only students currently enrolled in classes may use open studio hours.
  • Children, friends of students, and pets are NOT allowed in classrooms during open studio hours.
  • Open studio hours do not extend between terms.
  • Open studio hours can change on short notice. Please read the emails Nuokan sends and/or the notice by classroom entrances. 
School Store

The Clay Studio School Store is located in the Gallery Shop on the first floor, available for students to purchase clay and tools during our regular shop hours. In the evening, Gallery Shop is open for the first hour of your class. Check the Important Dates section on this page for store hours.



Cleanup Procedures

It is very important to keep the classrooms and glaze room clean. Clay and glaze left on the floor will dry and become a fine, nearly invisible silica dust, which is circulated and suspended indefinitely in the air. Although not a problem for visitors, this dust can cause health problems for people who spend a lot of time working in the studios. Please make sure you clean up your trimmings and spills before they become dust. 

Here are some cleanup guidelines:

  • Clay should NEVER be discarded in the sink. Pour off water and put heavy slip and clay chunks in the reclaim bins found near each sink.  
  • Thoroughly clean wheels, pans, bench, stools, tables, the floor, the wall behind you, and bats. 
  • Use the squeegees and dust pans to clean up your clay scraps at your work area, ware boards, and the floor. Use the mops located in the mop closet to clean the floor around your work area. 
  • After the wheel is clean make sure it is turned off. Put the stool upside down on the wheel head, and place the foot pedal and brick on the wheel’s front tray. This lets everyone know that the wheel was cleaned properly and makes mopping easier. 
  • Scrape and clean wedging and plaster tables after using them. Do not leave work on tables. Ask your instructor if you need help moving your work. 
  • Return glazes and cleaned tools to their proper places and clean glaze counter after you are done. Put lids back on glaze buckets.
Type and Quantity of Student Work
  • All work must be made at The Clay Studio.
  • Carefully sign all your work to have it fired.
  • This is an educational facility. This is not a production studio. Production work is not allowed.
  • Work produced must be proportionate to the number of classes enrolled. Students who produce large volumes of work will receive a warning and be charged accordingly. Those who continue excessive production may be asked to curb the amount of work they are making.
  • Size limitations: Work should not exceed 14” in length, 14” in width, and 18” in height.
  • Each student will receive one storage shelf for each class. 
  • Please take your work, tools, and leftover clay home with you on your last day of class if you are not taking a class the following term. All items left behind on your shelf will be discarded before the next term begins. 
Wet Work
  • You may make new work up until the last two weeks of the term to have it in the last glazing. For example, if you are taking a ten week class, you have eight weeks to make new work, and two weeks to finish it. Your last class on the eighth week is your last day to work wet.
  • Please do not leave your glazing until the end; you will learn more if you glaze throughout the course.


  • All high-fire and low fire glazes are located in the glazing room. 
  • Wheel classes usually use the high-fire (cone 6/7) glazes. Please check with your instructor if you have questions about what glazes to use.
  • Glazing must be completed by your last day of open studio.
  • If the glaze is too close to or on the bottom of a pot, it will be placed on the “Needs help” shelf. If you find one of your pots there, clean up the bottom and put it back on the glazeware shelf.
  • You may not bring outside clays, glazes, or other materials or equipment. Please have outside underglazes approved by the school staff. At the first offense, student will receive a warning. At the second offense, student will be asked to leave the studio for the remainder of the term, but can return next term (no refunds). At the third offense, student will not be allowed to return to the studio.
  • Place your work on the correct carts to make sure it is properly fired in a timely manner. Separate carts are clearly marked for bisque and glaze firing.
  • Glazed low-fire work must never be placed with objects to be high-fired (it will melt).
  • Bisque firings are done continuously.
  • Refiring will only be done with a signed firing form by your instructor or the studio tech.
  • If there is enough work to fill the kiln, we plan to fire the gas kiln weekly. Please check the whiteboard for the current dates. This schedule is subject to change.
  • Check the carts for finished bisqueware. Finished high-fire glazeware is locked up and can be received from the staff.
  • Many factors can delay the firing or unloading of the kiln. Please keep this in mind when waiting for your work.
  • Cracked or broken pieces will not be fired.
Student Feedback

Class evaluations are done online at the end of each quarter. We rely on these for guidance in designing and improving the caliber of our classes and offering feedback to our faculty, so please write down any suggestions or concerns you may have. Also, please feel free to share any immediate concerns with Nuokan Huang  Education Coordinator, 215-925-3453 x 106 or 

Personal Belongings and Cell Phones
  • Please watch your personal belongings and leave valuables at home. The Clay Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Report any problems or concerns immediately.
  • Please do not use your cell phone during class unless it is an emergency. 
Other Clay Studio Offerings
  • While you are here to take classes, remember that there is much more to The Clay Studio.
  • The Clay Studio is a nonprofit arts organization with internationally renowned artist residency programs, classes, events, exhibitions, community outreach programs, a shop, and more.
  • We serve as a place where established and emerging artists come to shape their careers, a vital resource for arts education in local schools, and a destination where people from all walks of life can explore the vast world of clay.
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